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Cosmic impacts have been a major and continuing part of Earth's history. Very large impacts have created continents, as well as major extinctions. Smaller, but significant impacts have led to minor extinctions and vast local or regional damage.

The geological history of the earth is usually told without much emphasis on these cosmic impacts that have created so many of the Earth's features and have changed the evolutionary path of life on the planet on a continuing basis. It is time for this to change.

The study of cosmic impacts and their effects should be given primary attention when studying and modeling the geological and evolutionary history of the Earth.

Furthermore, we need to recognize the incredibly important role that our modern society will play in the future environmental history of the world … a role that will free the earth from the only two sure disasters that would otherwise befall the planet without our help (cosmic impacts and hotspot volcanism).

Without the continuously improving technology of a robust modern society, the Earth is a disaster waiting to happen.