This book asserts the proposition that all major extinction events in the history of the planet are due to the effects of cosmic impacts.

This book also asserts the proposition that a rapidly moving (geologically speaking) Indian continent was created 65 million years ago (MYA) by the effects of a cosmic impact at Chicxulub in Mexico, which was on the opposite side of the world. Furthermore, this book posits the idea that some of the Indian continent was uplifted out of the blasted remains of the Australian continent's tail (Who knew that the Australian continent even had a tail?).

This book also says that the new Indian continent was created 1,000 miles away from the location where the Standard Theory says it was located. And the book creates a whole new mechanism for continental formation (including Siberia, Western Antarctica, Eastern North America, South America and India), the formation and movement of hotspots, the reason for deep sea trenches, island arcs, etc., etc.


Does this series of assertions sound a bit too incredible? How can the science of paleogeology have come up with so many propositions that need correction?

A skeptical reader may well wonder about the seriousness and the credibility of these new assertions. A skeptical reader may well wonder if this book is not just another unsubstantiated journey into the realm of fantasy, such as "Chariots of the Gods," "Worlds in Collision" or so many other sensational, but unrealistic, books.

I believe that this book will stand up to hard-nosed, skeptical analysis. Furthermore, I believe that within 5 to 20 years, the theories proposed in this book will have replaced the Standard Theory.

For those skeptical readers who want more proof before they are willing to spend the time to read the book in its normal order, I suggest turning to Chapter 8. In this chapter, I describe how the Indian continent was formed 65 MYA, how it traveled and how it came to rest in a two-stage event after colliding with Asia.

The most compelling part of the description in Chapter 8 is the analysis of the debris field that was left behind by the creation and movement of the Indian continent. This debris field is composed of the islands and peninsulas of the region between Asia and Australia (except for the Indonesian islands, which were formed by the follow-on hotspot).

Once you have read about the reasons for the debris field and the physical evidence that has been left behind (and is completely unexplained by the Standard Theory), you will never look at that area in the same way again. As you read this book, please exercise your skepticism. All I ask is that you subject the Standard Theory to that same level of skeptical thinking.

This book was written during two separate time periods. The first 14 chapters were written in 2011. Chapter 15 and Appendix I through Appendix VIII were written in 2012 and 2013. Revisions to the first 14 chapters (revised and still being entered in 2013) are shown in red.